Tropical Dreams Festival 2021 3 Day Pass


Access to Tropical Dreams Festival 2021 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( Out by 12pm Sunday)

*Hotel Room not included*

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Tropical Dreams is a 6 stage, multi-day musical conference and multifaceted event taking place at the Sturbridge Host Hostel in Sturbridge, MA created by the makers of Hydrotechnics Festival.

Featuring all your favorite genres in oldschool rave, combined with some newschool flavor and all sorts of fun activities throw in the mix, Tropical Dreams is sure to set your winter off proper.

The backbone of this event is our 6 rooms of music from local, regional, national, and international talent carefully selected to bring you some of the best beats all weekend long. Rooms will be styled according to genre and flow, and one of our rooms of sound is our beach party pool room where swimming is permitted until 11PM! Genres will range from house, breaks, techno, and multiple types of bass music, all the way up through the BPM range to hardstyle, Drum and bass, hardcore, and more! With plenty of room to spread our and explore, you’re sure to find yourself grooving to all sorts of different tunes throughout the weekend.
Included in our extra activities will be the following:
– MASSIVE inflatable ballpits featuring slides, games, and more!
– Arcade games and complete gaming room, featuring multiple systems, tabletop games, and group gaming activities
– DJing and production workshops featuring everything from introductory workshops, to mid-level technique building activities, and lessons from some of your local and regional favorites!
– Daily discussion panels which will be covering a broad variety of topics which directly impact our music scene, as well as details on how to get involved and make an impact in your local scene as well!
– Game shows complete with prizes, Comedy shows from some of your favorite DJs and crews, as well as movie nights and plenty of time to chill!
– Costume contests throughout the weekend for best beachwear and best tropical themed costumes
– More details and activities to be announced as the dates approach, keep your eyes on the page for more info!
There are over 200 hotel rooms available at the hotel for this event and they can booked through our ticketing site! No need to travel back anywhere after the night is done and you’re all tuckered out, you can crash in the comfort of your own on site hotel room and be right back to business in the morning. Massachusetts has legalized cannabis as well, and the hotel is confirmed cannabis friendly. Many of our rooms are “smoking rooms” which come with outdoor balconies where you may freely and legally smoke without any worries or stress. Please bear in mind that this is ONLY on the balconies, and smoking should not occur inside the hotel rooms- any smoking in the rooms will incur a fee upon checkout.
Throughout the time leading up to the event we will happily be providing information about awesome local spots to grab a bite to eat, as the surrounding area has every type of delicious food imaginable and we want to make sure you all get the chance to check it out!
This event is:
Subject to ROAR at the door
Following all guidelines provided for event safety and general health as needed